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The massive Production of Goods and Services, the Pumps Day and Night, it is noteworthy, but our Trade deficit seems to increase each Year it will buy more and more Abroad. We are the Community, the financial Capital can move freely, until the recent Crisis. But, even if a little to invest, not only, good. We are one of the best Levels of Life, and a Copy of the Workers ‘ Rights and benefits, but if not the Factory, You can not call everybody back to Work. So, what is it? We are absolutely nothing economically without new and new Technologies. In addition, we must not only Sell Products and Services. We were Pioneers in the COMPUTER Industry and the software Industry because we think outside of the box. And the economic Advantage. But if other Countries, through the new and dramatic technological Idea, I will disappear, the second Country in the World. Honestly, the World does not need us. I want a Copy of the other. And I’m not talking about, on the Train to jump, after that someone came up with the Idea. I speak in the first person to come up with the Idea and the Practice. In the first twenty or thirty Years, the actual economic power, we come to the Village to catch, the first Requirement of the Technique for alternative Energy, Biotechnology, new Forms of Transportation, Communication Systems, Genetic engineering, etc., that I should go? So, how did they do that? It is still a World power, which depends directly on the Financing of small and medium-sized enterprises and new Ideas. This means that more and more business-Loans, in particular, Guarantees for Loans, the SBA, my Specialty. A client of mine yesterday, he said, it is a small group of Recipients, the young Bill Gates was soliciting Investors for your Company. It was in a small Conference room of a Hotel in Northern California, with more than twenty People in the Audience. He has been pitching, and his Thoughts, like all other Entrepreneurs, hungry. I need Money. Remember that the big Seller. We know that it has the necessary Capital, because we know that the rest of the Story. It is Time that the Government Focused more on the Injection of Capital to small, emerging and creative Ideas. I heard on a daily basis. As a bonus, many of Them are involved in alternative Forms of Energy. Well, You could be $ 1 Billion Dollars, always on the Point, that the Budget and give a million Dollars to 1,000 of Them.

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