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Scamdicappers: Top Handicappers features a various number of North American Sports covering the entire calendar year. Folks, trust me you guys are in it for a big one!

The service posts picks for National Football League, NCAA College Football, National Basketball Association, NCAA College Basketball, Major League Baseball and National Hockey League. Apart from this they offer their subscribers a great chance to follow more than 500 professional handicappers every day and at a very low subscribing monthly fee of $50.

Product Name: Premium Membership – scamdicap
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Trial period:60 Days

Scamdicappers Handicapper Review

The site has a feature to help you follow your top five favorite Handicappers from a list of hundred professional handicappers. This way as soon as you login you can track you “FAB Five” on the Main page. You can add, remove and edit this list anytime. I usually do it, when I see that one of my top five isn’t doing well. Not all Capper lists picks on all sports. So, you will have to review different handicappers and pick out your favorites according to your interest. This is a simple to use feature.

I recommend that before you edit and save the “My FAB Five” check the “top 10 Hottest and Coldest Handicappers”. This will give you an exact picture of the Cappers who are doing well and those who aren’t so successful and having a dry run. Remember that this list covers picks over the last 15 day period. Furthermore, you can sort the list according to ROI (return on investment) and win percentages.

Apart form the over all top 10 hottest and coldest handicappers, the site has also list of top handicappers for each particular sport- they make pick available to the members. For Instance: Top Football Handicappers, Top Baseball Handicappers and Top Basketball Handicappers.

scamdicappers login

All Daily picks are made available to members as soon as they are listed by the handicappers. So, there will picks coming out middle of the day, some in the afternoon, some in the evening and some usually come just before the start of the game depending on the handicappers.  To maximize the advantages out of this service is to visit the site at least three times a day. Preferably, an hour before the game starts as majority of the handicappers make their picks available at that time. The main reason for this delay is that most handicappers try to place safe and make their picks when all the information concerning the game is available.

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