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I know that the rest of the shrimp farmer uses a depth of one meter, for the children, swimming pool in the garden. So, Yes, you can easily make a profit for the growth of the freshwater crayfish.The sun, the ventilation is the modern response to an increase of shrimp. In the modern shrimp farming really started in “the age of Reagan.” Shrimp marine corps, grew up in ston-water, tanks, basins, channels, ponds, reservoirs. Today, more than fifty countries, and the cultivation of shrimp. With the increase in the cost of electricity and gas with greenhouse effect, caused by all the companies in the solar ventilation as a substitute for electricity, and ventilation. The shrimp is different from all other living beings, need oxygen, clean water, and the light of the sun. In order to grow more quickly in areas of warm climate, where it sometimes produces three crops a year, if it is near the equator. The heads of state and government in the cultivation of shrimp in the Eastern hemisphere, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, India and China. In malaysia, Taiwan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Australia, Myanmar, also a shrimp. Mexico, costa rica, Ecuador and Brazil are the largest producers in the Western hemisphere. There are companies in Honduras, Panama, Colombia, Guatemala, Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Peru. The U. s., western europe and Japan are the major importers of shrimp. These are high-tech, with an increase of shrimp, but the production is insignificant. To produce the kingdom of Saudi arabia and iran, the shrimp culture in the middle east. Companies that use one or two of the phases of the production cycle. With the phase of the production cycle of a crayfish, and you can spend a short period of acclimatization, the tanks, and that is directly in the rearing tanks. Companies that use two phases of the production cycle, the stock of young fish from the hatcheries to the ponds for storage and a couple of weeks, at the end, you will be redirected to the dams of the expansion. Shrimp needs aeration in all stages of growth and of the solar energy, ventilation is the best answer. Hatcheries sell two products: nauplii, which are small, newly hatched first larval stage, and postlarves, which have already been developed, and one of the three stages of the larvae. For a good ventilation of the product to clean and healthy water, nauplii postlarves and shrimp. Ventilation, solar energy is the best investment for the growth of the shrimp, and is now available. Shrimp, fish, eggs, usually during the night, and females can produce eggs of 50 000 to 1 000 000, which hatch in a day.

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