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It’s true the saying that goes “Your child won’t go to college in diapers”.  No matter how long it takes your child to become potty trained, there is one thing you know for certain and that is that someday you will be past this hardship.

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Start Potty Training By Carol Cline Reviews

That is to say, this terrible phase of life where you teach your children the one thing that they will likely take for granted, the one thing they are guaranteed to use every single day of their existence but will never thank you for, or even realize it is something that they should thank you for:  How to use the potty.

As  a mother, I have reared five children past the age of potty training.  Throughout this process, I have learned quite a lot, in terms of how to potty train, and have shared my vast knowledge with other parents.  I have not only taught my children how to use the potty, but I have also taught many other children the same skill set.  It wasn’t always easy.  There are plenty of barriers that came our way.  Many circumstances interrupted our plans, or created more drama for us.  However, through my experience, I have learned a few important things.

First, the biggest deterrent that faces parents who desire to potty train their kids really has nothing to do with the ones being potty trained.  Surprised?  In truth, it is the parents who create the most problems.  If you, as a parent, aren’t willing to follow through with the step-by-step plan, as outlined in the Start Potty Training Program, then you won’t be successful.  I remember having a friend whose child was four years old and still in diapers.

It wasn’t long before I found out why.  Although she would complain that her boy was still not yet potty trained, when he would tell her he needed to go potty, she would say “Oh, I’m busy. Just go in your diaper.”  The poor boy was constantly getting mixed signals about potty training. So if the parent isn’t ready, then the program won’t work as it should.

However, if you are on board, and your child is understanding their basic body cues, then the Start Potty Training Program will work, and it will work fast!  The program outlines a step-by-step program that will teach your child to be completely potty trained (day & night) in just three days. 3 days! Now that is fast potty training!

The second issue I want to discuss, which is also mentioned in the Start Potty Training Program, is that the use of pull-ups is completely done away with. Hallelujah!  I have always been an advocate of having the child go right into “big kid undies”.  Pull-ups are just another form of a diaper and another way for the diaper companies to get your money for longer periods of time.  They don’t teach your child anything but that their diaper now looks and feels a little different and it gives them an excuse to “keep on keeping on”, so to speak.  They will pee and poop in their pull-up just as easy as they pee and poop in their diaper.

Although I was successful in potty training my five children, it usually wasn’t complete in three days. Oh how I wish that I had the Start Potty Training Program when my children were little.

If I could have accomplished it in three days, without all the hassle and drama and confusion and delay that usually occurs with potty training, then I would have been so much happier about the process, and it would have reduced all the tears and frustration that my little ones showed while being potty trained.  It also would have practically eliminated the accidents and messes that happened as a result of not knowing the proper potty training technique.

The Start Potty Training Program is so successful that there is a proven 97.4% success rate.  The other 2.6% didn’t fail, they just collected their wits and tried again.  We all have circumstances that interfere with our goals.  Circumstances that aren’t expected and certainly aren’t accounted for when we begin a program.

That is what the 2.6% experienced.  It doesn’t mean that the program didn’t work.  In fact, there is a money-back guarantee that validates the successful results if you follow the program as outlined.  You won’t fail. Your child WILL be potty trained completely, and fast, in just three (3) days!  That’s not even close to college age, right?

Prior to starting training your toddler for potty, it is important that you ensure that your child is ready for using the potty.

This involves many factors other than your child’s age. Right use of potty requires several different skills and unless your child is ready for potty, you may end up beating your head in frustration. Once you’ve figured out that your child is actually ready for potty training, and is developmentally prepared for it, you can start with preparing him/her for potty training.

Start Potty Training In 3 Days Pdf

Potty training preparation methods

  • Why not provide your toddler with the right way of using potty by making him/her watch you go. Become your kid’s model and let him/her learn from you.
  • Make sure that you have every equipment you require for the process. It’ll be better that you buy such equipment with your child so that he/she feels motivated to use them.
  • Read as much as you can about potty training toddlers both online and off-line.
  • There are different potty training methods applicable to boys and girls, and hence it’s important for you to figure out which one will work best in your case.
  • Build up the excitement around potty usage when you’re with your kid. Make him/her look forward to it and feel excited about it.
  • Why not allow your kid to go in command mode (bare bottom!) on some occasions during the day?!
  • Make sure that your child has the “using the potty” vocabulary with him/her.

Potty training techniques

  • Find out different methods of motivating your child to use potty. Rack your brains to come up with things that will really get your child interested in using the potty. After all, you know your kid the best.
  • It may be a better idea to use some sort of sticker chart.
  • You may also use a doll to help your kid model his/her behavior. Show him/her how you potty train the doll to start with. There are some excellent dry or wet dolls available in the marketplace, who wet whenever you feed them.
  • Put on some potty training videos and watch them together with your toddler.
  • Start reading some books related to potty training with your toddler and guide him/her with pictures.
  • Observe your toddler and figure out the signal he/she sends whenever he/she is ready to go. There may be a certain pattern you can pick up.
  • Set a timer, go by the clock and make sure you take your child to potty after the meals and/or every hour.
  • Turning on the tap as your toddler is seated on the potty can work as an excellent suggestion and make him/her pee.
  • Make sure that you as well as your other family members show great enthusiasm and support while encouraging your kid to use potty.
  • Think of some game around the potty usage.
  • Educate your kid about good hygiene like washing of hands after using the potty.

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