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Yeast Infection, No More Confusion

I spent hours doing yeast infection research.  I wanted to find the causes.  How to get rapid relief and how to achieve a long term solution.  Whether diet was the key or which treatments actually worked.  I have gathered some of my findings here, but if you want a complete guide and treatment plan I would suggest looking at Yeast Infection No More.

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Yeast Infection No More Discharge But Still Itchy

Yeast Infection No More is a really well researched report and treatment plan.  Yeast Infection No Moreis written by a nutritionist, researcher and former sufferer.  In it you will find a complete explanation, rapid relief guide and thorough guidance to ensure that you can be sure you will have Yeast infection no more.

Yeast Infection No More gives a comprehensive checklist that you can use to self diagnose but here are the main symptoms you might notice.

  • Discomfort or burning when urinating
  • A discharge from the vagina or around the penis that may smell and has the appearance of “cottage cheese”
  • Joint pain, particularly if you already suffer from arthritis
  • Fatigue and muscle weakness
  • Increase in the symptoms of PMS
  • A weakening of the immune system leading to frequent minor infections
  • Discomfort during sex.

This list is by no means as comprehensive as the discussion of symptoms in yeast infection no  more but if you are suffering from any of the above symptoms you should certainly consider looking into yeast infection.

Comprehensive Yeast Infection No More Guide

Yeast Infection No more goes into the all aspects of a candida infection so that you can really understand the condition and with understanding you will be in a position to move towards yeast infection no  more yourself.

The candida yeast like to live in moist and warm conditions, which is why infections are common orally and around the genitals.  It is normal for us to have a certain amount of yeast living in our bodies. it is only when the yeast begins to multiply that the presence becomes a problem.

The most common way to treat an infection is to make the environment less appealing to the yeast.  Yeast infection no more goes into this in detail, but what you are trying to do is change the acidity.

  • Try a warm shallow bath to which you add 1 -2 cups of cider apple vinegar, then soak for 15 minutes
  • Natural yogurt will bring relief when taken orally and as a douche
  • Try Yogurt drinks with added “good” bacteria
  • The herb “Wormwood” which you should find in a health food shop, has been used for centuries to help balance your bacteria levels
  • Clove oil is a strong anti-fungal.  Never apply it without diluting with coconut oil.  Clove oil alone is far too strong
  • Only wear light natural fibres and allow air to circulate. Stockings are better than tights/pantyhose.

Yeast Infection Cure  through diet

You can use your diet to alter your body chemistry.  Eating acidic foods will help the situation.  Many people also report huge benefits in drinking cranberry juice.

Yeast Infection No More Linda-Allen

Yeast infection no More – long term or short term?

The main problem with all the natural cures is that they treat the symptoms.  You are bringing relief and even reducing the presence of yeast but the condition keeps coming back.  Maybe you have experiences recurring infection yourself?

Yeast Infection No more will guide you to very quick relief – and when you are suffering a candida infection that is what you need.  But it then goes on to guide you towards long term relief.

To understand this it may help to use a story:  I am not a great gardener, but a few years ago i moved into a house with a fairly large garden.  The bottom of the garden had been neglected and was overgrown with tall nettles.  I spent a day cutting them all too the ground, and was dismayed to see them all back within a few weeks.

My elderly neighbour advised I dig the nettles out.  Over a couple of weekends I dug over the area and uncovered a network of roots, which I pulled up and burned.  My garden is now virtually free of nettles and the small ones that appear can easily be pulled as they have no root network.

Yeast infection No More is like my elderly neighbour.  A wise guide that has been there before and is ready to impart some wisdom.  Yeast Infection No More is not an effortless solution, but it is a complete solution.  I may have been battling my nettles now if it had not been for my guide and if you want fast relief and a long term solution I would recommend you check out Yeast Infection No More.

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